This informative article serves as a comprehensive guide to Cardiff Arms Park Rugby Stadium, providing essential details and useful information for both rugby enthusiasts and tourists. From stadium stats and seating plans to transportation options, nearby accommodations, parkings, dining recommendations, and exclusive stadium experiences, this guide will equip visitors with all they need to make the most of their rugby adventure.

Cardiff Arms Park Rugby Stadium stands proudly as a renowned venue known for hosting thrilling rugby matches. With its rich history and passionate fans, the stadium has become an iconic landmark in the world of rugby.

The stadium boasts an impressive seating capacity of 12125 spectators, creating an electric atmosphere during matches. It was founded in 1881, making it steeped in tradition and rugby heritage. Notably, the stadium is the beloved home ground of Cardiff Rugby Club, infusing it with a strong sense of pride and identity.

Cardiff Arms Park stadium
Image from the official website of Cardiff Rugby Club

Cardiff Arms Park Seating Plan and Facilities

The stadium offers a well-designed seating plan, providing various stands and seating options for spectators. From the lively terraces to comfortable covered seating, visitors can choose their preferred vantage point to witness the intense rugby action.

For fans seeking an elevated matchday experience, premium hospitality boxes are available, offering luxurious amenities and excellent views of the pitch.

Additionally, the stadium is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including spacious concourses, a wide array of food and beverage options, and well-maintained restroom facilities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable visit for all attendees.

Secure Your Spot: Get Your Cardiff Arms Park Stadium Tickets

Tickets to experience rugby matches at Cardiff Arms Park Rugby Stadium can be conveniently purchased from various sources. The primary and most reliable option is to acquire tickets directly from the stadium’s official website. This ensures authenticity and access to the latest ticketing information, including match schedules, seat availability, and pricing details.

In addition to the stadium’s website, authorized ticketing agents and official club outlets also offer tickets for matches at Cardiff Arms Park. These outlets are spread across the city and other designated locations, providing additional accessibility to visitors who prefer in-person ticket purchases.

To avoid disappointment due to high demand during popular fixtures, it is advisable to plan ahead and secure tickets well in advance. By purchasing tickets from official sources, rugby enthusiasts can be assured of an unforgettable and seamless matchday experience at one of rugby’s most iconic stadiums.

How to Reach Cardiff Arms Park Rugby Stadium: Transportation Options

Getting to Cardiff Arms Park Rugby Stadium is convenient, thanks to multiple transportation options that allow visitors to arrive from various locations.

  • By Train: Cardiff Central railway station is the main station closest to the stadium, and it provides excellent connectivity to various cities across the UK. From the station, it’s just a short walk to reach the stadium, making it an ideal choice for travelers arriving by train.
  • By Bus: Several bus routes operate to and from Cardiff Arms Park, providing a cost-effective and reliable mode of transport for visitors. The stadium is well-served by local bus services, making it easily accessible for fans coming from different parts of the city.
  • By Car: The stadium is conveniently located close to major roads and highways, making it easily accessible for those traveling by car. However, it’s essential to plan your journey and check for available parking options, as matchdays can be busy. If you plan to drive to the stadium, the address is as follows:

Cardiff Arms Park Rugby Stadium,
Westgate Street,
CF10 1JA,

  • By Taxi: Taxis are readily available throughout the city, offering a convenient and direct option for reaching the stadium. Simply provide the address to the driver, and they will take you right to the heart of the rugby action.
  • On Foot: If you’re staying in the city center or nearby, consider walking to the stadium. Cardiff Arms Park is within walking distance of many accommodations and popular areas, providing a pleasant stroll for visitors.

Whether you choose to travel by train, bus, car, taxi, or simply enjoy a leisurely walk, Cardiff Arms Park Rugby Stadium’s central location ensures that rugby enthusiasts and tourists can easily access this iconic venue and immerse themselves in the excitement of the sport.

Stay Close to the Action: Nearby Accommodations

There is no shortage of excellent accommodations near the stadium, catering to different budgets and preferences. From luxurious hotels to cozy guesthouses, visitors can find the perfect place to stay within walking distance or a short commute to the stadium.

Each recommended hotel will provide information on its distance from the stadium, ensuring convenience for rugby enthusiasts looking for a comfortable stay during their visit.

Post-Match Delights: Enjoy Pubs and Restaurants near Cardiff Arms Park

After the excitement of a rugby match, fans can explore the vibrant selection of nearby pubs, bars, and restaurants. These establishments not only offer delicious food and drinks but also embrace the rugby culture, allowing visitors to immerse themselves further in the sport’s unique atmosphere.

Rugby enthusiasts should try local establishments that showcase regional cuisine, providing an authentic taste of the area’s culinary delights.

Meet the Legends: Cardiff Rugby Club – History and Details

Cardiff Arms Park Rugby Stadium proudly hosts the home matches of the esteemed Cardiff Rugby Club, formerly known as Cardiff Blues. As one of the most storied rugby clubs in the region, Cardiff Rugby boasts a rich history and an avid fan base.

Cardiff Rugby Club Details:

  • Website:
  • Social Media Presence: Stay updated with the latest news, match highlights, and engaging content by following Cardiff Rugby on their social media platforms, including Twitter: @Cardiff_Rugby and Facebook: /CardiffRugbyClub.
  • Club Colors: The club’s colors, Cardiff blue and black, are synonymous with the city’s rugby tradition and evoke a strong sense of pride among supporters.
  • Club Address: For fans wishing to visit the club or inquire about any aspects related to the team, the club’s address is as follows:

Cardiff Rugby Club,
Cardiff Arms Park,
Westgate Street,
Cardiff, CF10 1JA,

Cardiff Rugby Club History

Cardiff Rugby Club has a rich and illustrious history. The club’s legacy is woven into the fabric of Welsh rugby, with numerous domestic and international accolades to its name. From memorable league triumphs to notable successes in European competitions, Cardiff Rugby has been a dominant force on the rugby scene.

Today, Cardiff Rugby continues to uphold its proud traditions, representing the city with honor and pride. Fans visiting Cardiff Arms Park Rugby Stadium have the opportunity to witness the club’s legacy in action, as they strive for victory and uphold the values that have defined Cardiff Rugby throughout its storied existence.

As the beloved home ground of Cardiff Rugby Club, the stadium holds a special place in the hearts of rugby enthusiasts. Embracing its rich heritage, Cardiff Rugby continues to inspire fans and celebrate the cherished sport of rugby with every match played at this iconic venue.


Cardiff Arms Park Rugby Stadium holds a significant place as a sporting center for rugby fans and tourists alike. Its iconic status and rich heritage make it a must-visit destination for rugby enthusiasts looking to experience the thrill of the sport firsthand.

Through this comprehensive guide, visitors are equipped with essential information to plan their rugby adventure seamlessly. We encourage readers to immerse themselves in the spirit of rugby at Cardiff Arms Park and explore other iconic rugby venues, enriching their love for this cherished sport.

Whether witnessing an intense match, taking a stadium tour, or exploring the museum’s treasures, a visit to Cardiff Arms Park Rugby Stadium promises an unforgettable experience for all.


What is the seating capacity of Cardiff Arms Park Rugby Stadium?

The stadium can accommodate approximately 12125 spectators, providing an exhilarating atmosphere during rugby matches.

How can I purchase tickets for rugby matches at Cardiff Arms Park?

Tickets can be purchased through the stadium’s official website, authorized ticketing agents, and official club outlets. We recommend securing tickets in advance to avoid disappointment during popular fixtures.

What are the available transportation options to reach the stadium?

Visitors can access the stadium via various transportation modes, including train, bus, car, taxi, and even by walking. Detailed directions and accessibility information are provided in our guide for your convenience.

Are there nearby accommodations for visitors attending matches at the stadium?

Certainly! There are several hotels and accommodations nearby, catering to various budgets and preferences, ensuring a comfortable stay during your rugby adventure.

Which rugby clubs call Cardiff Arms Park their home ground?

Cardiff Rugby is the esteemed rugby club that plays their home matches at Cardiff Arms Park.