The Recreation Ground (“the Rec”) is a large open space in the centre of Bath, next to the River Avon, used for recreational purposes by Bath residents and the public generally. Part of the Rec (about 27%) is leased to Bath Rugby for use as a multi-use sports ground capable of holding 10,600 people, primarily for professional rugby union matches.

During the summer the rugby ground’s temporary East Stand is removed to make way for cricket on the larger pitch to the easternmost end of the Rec. This cricket pitch is used for local contests and by the Somerset County Cricket Club for two matches a year.

In former years, the Rec was subject to flooding from the River Avon, but a flood alleviation scheme in the 1960s improved the flow of the river, though the ground can still get very boggy after heavy rains.


  • The Recreation Ground, Spring Gardens, Bath, England.
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  • Capacity of 9,980